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Portfolio Management

Disciplined And Selective

EverWest’s Portfolio Management Team is disciplined and selective. “Good” is a marker we pass on the way to “extraordinary” as we narrow the universe of investments to those that suitably fit the mandates of our investors.

Personalized Guidance

When you work with EverWest, you gain a portfolio team that not only understands your strategy, objectives and real estate holdings, but also seeks out your input and guidance. This collaboration allows us to create and execute on a customized portfolio of investments – targeting the market’s best opportunities and representing an optimum investment portfolio positioned to deliver superior risk adjusted returns over the longer term.

Long-Term Commitment

EverWest’s portfolio managers lead the execution of investor strategies and are accountable for the performance of the portfolios they oversee. To achieve this, portfolio teams are charged with thoroughly understanding each investor’s objectives with a focus on performance and oversight, and are always prepared to adjust execution and approach to achieve maximum results. These same teams diligently report on their results, keeping investors abreast of performance by asset class and location, income and returns.

Asset Management

Charged with the oversight and strategic direction of individual property investments, EverWest’s Asset Management Team creates and executes asset plans that maximize the performance of the properties under its care. This hands-on, dedicated team leads and coordinates property and construction activity and drives performance of individual assets at every stage of a property’s lifecycle.

Entrepreneurial Vision

EverWest’s entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in our asset managers. Guided by a strong corporate structure but also highly empowered and accountable for their individual results, these team members serve as committed market experts. They have their fingers on the pulse of changing fundamentals and recognize the potential those shifts provide to fully cultivate an asset’s value through wise management, leasing and capital improvement.

Results Focused

From acquisition to disposition, EverWest’s Asset Management Team is charged with delivering bottom-line performance results and generating increases in property values.

Property Management

EverWest’s Property Management Team is responsible for delivering the highest level of customer service in a cost-effective manner. Our property teams work closely with ownership and tenants to develop and deliver customized management programs and services based on a complete understanding of an asset and the market in which it is located.

Local Perspective

In addition to serving as property experts, our teams also serve as local and regional specialists. From shifts in tenant demands to changes in rental rates, we closely monitor markets and report up to our asset managers so that, together, we ensure our buildings remain as top competitors in the local landscape.

Driving Growth and Direction

High-quality, timely execution of customer service and property plans allow EverWest’s property teams to drive net income growth.

Investment Sourcing (Acquistions & Dispositions)

Investment sourcing at EverWest is an active endeavor. We develop relationships with local ownership, target individual property assets and continue to prospect the market until we are fully educated on the investment pipeline and have uncovered the most attractive investment opportunities to satisfy our investors’ demand for high-quality real estate investments.

National Scope. Local Knowledge.

EverWest’s “boots on the ground” approach to targeting, identifying and sourcing in major U.S. markets ensures we understand local market trends and supply/demand fundamentals. Our investment professionals work closely on every transaction, drawing upon a diverse set of experiences to make better and more informed real estate investment decisions.

Positioned for Success

EverWest also has dedicated financing specialist who understand the capital markets and take advantage of attractive financing alternatives to structure the optimal capital stack of equity and debt based on investor requirements. For this reason, EverWest is deeply committed to sourcing and managing relationships with a broad range of capital markets resources. We are experts at closing transactions with well-structured financing, earning trust on all sides and from all parties in a transaction, and allowing us to finance, develop and acquire real estate quickly as prime opportunities arise.


The EverWest leadership team possesses decades of development and re-use expertise. By combining this with our local market presence and knowledge, we are able to identify and quickly capitalize on new opportunities ahead of the curve. EverWest’s development experience is deep and spans a wide range of property sectors and geographic markets – from office and retail to industrial and apartments, and from ground-up construction to creative re-use.

Meaningful Spaces

Our highly innovative and award-winning commercial real estate development projects are known for attracting and retaining today’s most selective and demanding users. This applies to ground-up development as well as existing properties within our portfolio that might need modifications or upgrades to achieve maximum value and return. These activities span tenant and capital improvement programs, major redevelopments and rebrands that transform buildings into new economic and employment centers.

360 Degree Capabilities

EverWest is a fully, vertically integrated company possessing capabilities that cover projects from inception to completion and into their operation as a fully stabilized property asset. As such, we are able to guide a project through the entire product lifecycle process – from identifying opportunities to underwriting, executing, delivering and managing a new development or redevelopment as part of our active portfolio.

Product Offerings

EverWest specializes in designing investment solutions for investors seeking specific risk and return objectives. We offer a range of investment options through funds, separate accounts and joint ventures. 

Our real estate strategies span the full risk spectrum including core, core-plus, value-add and development investment opportunities.

Separate Accounts

EverWest has a history of developing deep relationships with investors desiring customized separate account strategies tailored to fit their needs. These investment strategies are multi-sector or single sector life-cycle profiles that meets an investor’s needs. EverWest focuses on sourcing off-market transactions to deliver above-market returns to our clients.

Collaboration, execution and strong investment performance are the hallmarks of our separate account relationships. To this end, EverWest has a demonstrated track record of compelling performance in executing investment strategies on behalf of our clients.

Core Fund

EverWest offers a private, commingled, core, open-end property fund that consists of high-quality, well-leased income-producing properties that are diversified across markets, tenants, and property sectors across the US. The fund invests in major property types such as industrial, multifamily, select office and retail. The fund has a national investment focus in the gateway markets of the United States together with mid-market locations that offer high growth potential.