Portfolio Management


Disciplined And Selective

EverWest’s Portfolio Management Team is disciplined and selective. “Good” is a marker we pass on the way to “extraordinary” as we narrow the universe of investments to those that suitably fit the mandates of our investors.

Personalized Guidance

When you work with EverWest, you gain a portfolio team that not only understands your strategy, objectives and real estate holdings, but also seeks out your input and guidance. This collaboration allows us to create and execute on a customized portfolio of investments – targeting the market’s best opportunities and representing an optimum investment portfolio positioned to deliver superior risk adjusted returns over the longer term.

Long-Term Commitment

EverWest’s portfolio managers lead the execution of investor strategies and are accountable for the performance of the portfolios they oversee. To achieve this, portfolio teams are charged with thoroughly understanding each investor’s objectives with a focus on performance and oversight, and are always prepared to adjust execution and approach to achieve maximum results. These same teams diligently report on their results, keeping investors abreast of performance by asset class and location, income and returns.