2130-2140 West Fulton Street

2130-2140 West Fulton Street
Chicago, IL 60612
Type: Office
Size: 48,523 sq. ft.
Built: 1890-1923
Investment Date: June 2017
Strategy: Value Add
2130-2140 West Fulton Street consists of two buildings:  The older, 2140, was built in 1890: the newer, 2130, was built in 1923.  In 2003/2004, the buildings underwent renovations and were converted into the loft-office/flex layout we have today. The two vintage multi-tenant creative office buildings connect via an interior corridor containing approximately 48,523 rentable square feet.  The properties are located in the heart of the Kinzie Corridor and approximately 0.75 miles due west of Chicago's rapidly developing Fulton Market.