Advisory Board

EverWest adopted the use of an Independent Advisory Board to provide expertise and counseling to the company.  The Advisory Board is made of individuals outside the company with relevant and diverse backgrounds, whose management skills are contributory, but who are engaged in other businesses not directly related to EverWest.
The Advisory Board meets semi-annually to review and discuss issues included but not limited to: corporate structure, succession plans, financial status (both actual and budgeted), marketing, compensation plans, visionary trends, strategic planning, capital formation, and any other items that management deems appropriate.
The Advisory Board is a sounding board to discuss and exchange views and ideas from executives whose perspective and input will allow EverWest’s management, the benefit of the professional management guidance of the Advisory Board. EverWest is committed to outside input for strategic decision making that provides new and fresh ideas in order for the company to continue to grow and benefit from the diversified knowledge and experience of the Advisory Board members.