About EverWest

EverWest, a wholly owned subsidiary of GWL Realty Advisors, is a real estate investment and operating company based in Denver, Colorado.  EverWest formed in 2015 when Alliance Commercial Partners, EverWest’s predecessor company, reorganized and grew its platform by expanding its senior management team.  Alliance was founded in 1996 as a nimble investor/operator, and EverWest’s expanded management team brought institutional background to the firm.  The senior management team has collectively invested over $30 billion across the United States through real estate funds, separate accounts and joint venture investments.
EverWest has three primary competitive advantages.  The first is the mix of operating and advising experience, which provides a powerful blend of entrepreneurial execution on individual investments with institutional-quality operating infrastructure and processes.  The second stems from EverWest’s decentralized acquisition sourcing and asset management capabilities, which are accessed through six regional offices.  EverWest’s investment professionals typically live in their respective markets, providing the team with extensive local real estate experience.
Our third competitive advantage results from robust relationships forged over years of teamwork and friendship.  Internally, EverWest is committed to empowering our employees to make decisions.  Every individual is fundamental to our success, and each subscribes to our relationship-centric business philosophy.  Externally, relationships with people--brokers, lenders, managers, contractors, or investors--are what makes a difference in each market.  Relationships allow EverWest to consistently find and execute exceptional investment opportunities.

Our team critically evaluates dozens of real estate investment opportunities every month to find the opportunities that best fit the needs of our investors. To create alignment, senior professionals are involved in every transaction from inception to disposition and we co-invest on every investment.

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The Asset Management Team manages the strategic direction of a portfolio of investments, both on an individual basis and a portfolio basis. Reporting functions such as data tracking, investment valuations, and cash flow analysis for each asset, fund and separate account are conducted quarterly to ensure property performance for both the equity & structured finance assets.

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The Property Management Team is responsible for the growth and strategic direction of the property management business within EverWest Property Services, a subsidiary of EverWest. In addition to day-to-day activities related to the fiscal, administrative, and physical operations, Property Management also assists in acquisition activities with due diligence support.

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